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  • Fund Rising for “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011”

    To help rise donation for “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

    1) Make your donation to your local/online  “ Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011”.  Minimum donation is $15.00USD ( Or other currency equivalent to $15.00USD ) and there is no maximum as Japan is now in need for any kind of help.  Send us your receipt ( Screen Shot or scan ), Fansproject will give you a  ( inverted version “TFX-05 Sidearm”) “Blesser”.

    Please check online for other country’s Red Cross address.

    2) E-mail Detail:
    – Mail to : blesser@fansproject.com
    – Please mark Subject: “ Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011”
    – Attach your donation receipt ( .JPG format; Size: 300kb or less ), receipt must show the donation amount, donation date, donator’s name and MUST to “ Japan Earthquake 2011”

    Example of receipt:

    – E-mail must include your real name, detail mailing address, contact number, Zip/Postal Code,, to avoid delay or mail loss during transit.
    – If Fansproject post a list of donator’s name on www.fansproject.com.  Do you want your name to appear?

    3) Only 1500pcs of “Blesser” available and bass on first come first serve.

    Important notice:
    1) Fansproject WILL NOT accept your donation directly or collect any money.
    2) All donations must be made to your local/online “RED CROSS” under “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011”.
    3) Minimum donation is $15.00USD.  ( or other currency equivalent to $15.00USD )  There is no maximum as Japan is now in need for any kind of help.
    4) This event is based on first come first serve and in the order on when Fansproject received each donator’s  e-mail.
    5) If we successfully meet our goal of 1500 donations.  Fansproject will made official announcement on www.fansproject.com and the giveaway of “Blesser” will stop.

    –  Fansproject might NOT able to make immediate announcement on/after the 1500 mark.  Fansproject CAN NOT made any recompense, as Fansproject have exactly 1500pcs of “Blesser” available only.
    –  Fansproject will NOT make any kind of substitute to giveaway for donation make after 1500 mark.
    –  Fansproject will NOT refund or take any responsibly for donation make to RED CROSS.
    –  Fansproject hopes for full understanding from all donator.
    5) If you have any concern or question.  Please e-mail us at:  blesser@fansproject.com

    6) Fansproject wants to use this “Inverted Version” for donation fund rising purpose.   Fansproject ask all dealers or resellers to please consider our purpose and do not use this item for resale purpose.

    7) “Blesser” is limited to one piece (1) per donation transaction.  Donation of $15.00USD will receive one (1) “Blesser” and Donation of $100.00USD in a single transaction will receive one (1) “Blesser”.  If you want two, donator must donate in two transactions.
    8)  This is the first time Fansproject directly mail out our products and we must said that we are lack of this kind of experience.  Fansproject hope all donator to be patient and Fansproject will try the best to make this success.